Collab – My favourtie autumn lipsticks

As autumn has arrived its time to get out the knit wear jumpers, the blankets, scary movies and dark lipsticks. Autumn being one of my favourite times of the year because it gets me the in the christmas mood and Halloween mood, also i get to wear dark lipsticks.


Topshop has some amazing high quality lipsticks and I have few topshop lippys! But my favourite one has to be this one depth a deep purple perfect for me, I personally love this because its looks really flattering on my skin tone. I discovered this in april and fell in love with it since. Topshop lipsticks are at a reasonable price so if you’re looking for a range of lipsticks that are good price and last a long time, I would highly recommend the topshop lipstick range.


Next this Nars scarlett empress a deep red for some odd reason this colour reminds of the rumba a dance because it’s very elegant and beautiful. It looks again very flattering on my skin tone ad makes my teeth very white. I think this is my most worn lipstick out of them all as it’s a quick go to colour and goes with everything.


Last but not least we have the “classic” red lippy from Bourjois again this would be an all year lipstick wear because you can never get bored with the red lippy, plus again it makes my teeth white. If you are looking for a dupe for russian red from Mac i would defiantly say that this is the colour for you.

lips edited swathces

The quality for this blog is a bit crappy because ive taken these photos with my iPhone but this will be the only blog post ill-use my phone.

This blog was a collab with the beautiful Rachel from her blog fashion and beauty obsessed, make sure you check her ou and follow her blog, because she does some amazing posts!


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Topshop lips

Nars Scarlett Empress

Promo code for Nars 20% off using the code: “SIERRA”

Boujois Red in 13

Whats your favourite season of the year?

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Omg it has been too long since ive done a blog post and it’s really sad because ive really missed it! Since starting college i didn’t release how behind i would be in the world of blogging. Which has resulted too only keeping it to one blog post a week which is sad :(.

Every Saturday there should be a new blog post up, hopefully if my work doesnt overload.

So about my blog collab it is still open and anyone can join in, please just tweet, email or leave a comment. My blog collab will be “closed” by the end of week so you have until Saturday19th September!

Look forward to blogging more.


Hope you had a good Summer

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The Wonder


 I had little wonder around London, i came across Kesley Park!  I got some pretty shots of Kesley park, and thought i would share them with you. First we sat and had a little picnic then we walked around and fed the squirrels with some peanuts. Then went on another wander around the park grounds.


Then we went to watch the punch and Judy show which was a lot of fun, had some ice creams and giggles on the way then finally the last stop we made we went to feed the ducks. (which is still one of favourites things to do)


Needless to say i had a really sweet that day and really would recommend Kesley park for families!

Hope you all had great weekend!

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

So tomorrow im going away and guess what? i havent packed I’m always that one person who over packs thinking that i will need that much makeup when in reality I don’t end up using it ( that’s me haha yup).

So i thought that you could have a look in my makeup bag and have a little peak inside to see what im taking away with me.


I keep all of my makeup in this juicy couture bag, i like this bag because i can fit all of my makeup and my brushes in as well as some palettes, so its safe to say that this bag is pretty reliable for when it comes too travelling.



Primer: Here we have the maybeliine baby skin primer. I don’t know whether or not i like this product i havent really decided but im still giving it a chance.

Concealer: Im taking the bare minerals concealer  “tan 2” i love this product because it doest make your makeup too cakey which is one the worst things ever, it also is great for under eye bags. This concealer is a new find for me  only brought it a couple of months ago, havent looked back it’s so good. The packaging is very basic and black.

Stila perfecting concealer “shade g”. Perfect for blemishes and full coverage again doesn’t make your makeup cakey and its perfect when blended in well with a beauty blender.

Blush: Im taking the estee Lauder deluxe all over the skin again like the “deluxe all over the eye palette” it was limited edition for the christmas range in 2013. i love this because it comes with a bronzer and three blushes that really suit my skin tone. These blushes are very high quality and long-lasting.

Bronzer: For bronzer im taking my very broken 2true bronzer, again another new buy and new brand im not to familiar with this brand but i really like this bronzer because its matte no shimmer and stays on all day. Because i only like a light couture this is perfect because you build up the colour pay off.

‘powder’: im taking with me my oil absorbing sheets because  i don’t wear pressed powder and these are just amazing for putting on my face at times when my face feels a bit oily. Just rip one-off and carefully blot.


Eyes: For eyes even though  i only wear mascara and brows i just don’t know whether i need a palette incase but its there just i go out in the night.

Brows: The brow products im taking ‘Barry M Brow Kit‘ and my maybelline ‘Brow drama‘ both in dark. i personally love these two as a duo! First i fill my brows in with the powder then use the brow drama to go over them and keep them in place and to add a bit of pigment to them.

macara: ive made it one mascara (wtf)  anyway im very indecisive and always changing my mind. So ive made it too one mascara yay. This one is the ‘tarte lights camera flashes

UD primer position: just in case again as i ve before i may end up thanking the lord that i brought this with me or i may not even touch it.

UD Naked: With colours that go day to-night i think this is perfect even thought im not really an eyeshadow girl, i still bring it just in case i need it!

Here are some of my personal favourites from the pallette!

IMG_0788 BLog

Then of course im taking my good old superdrug eyelash curlers because i cant live with out them!


Lips: im only taking 4 products with me because most of the time i just wear a nude lippy and i’m out of the door!

I’m taking with my Nars scareltt empress, maybellie colour drama in nude perfection, avon glow lipgloss and my sexy mother pucker 

Hope you have a good weekend

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My pallette collection


So here we are my palette collection as girl who loves makeup as i said about million times now. i myself does have quite the collection for eyeshadow palettes. Even though i don’t really use all of them i still love them and plan on getting some more. I havent got the biggest collection but i havent exactly got the smallest collection, but i think its reasonable amount, anyway im going to shut up and get into it.


Here we have the naked 1& 3 personally my favourite UD eyeshadow palettes all time, i think these are very well-known products and most people have them. If i were to choose out of the two that i have i would say 1 because it has all of the colours that i need, matches my skin tone. Simply just looks good.

I have to say when i got my hands on the naked 3 i was actually expecting a bit more as i feel like the pigmentation isn’t as great as the first one, which is a shame because the naked 3 for packaging is my favourite and of course the price ( ha).


Moving on im currently re starting my Mac palette, i say re starting because my other one that i had (completed) broke in my suitcase and i was heart-broken, ( proves how gentle the airport men are) but now my goal is get all 10 slots filled up.

the colours:

  • santin taupe
  • cranberry
  • swiss chocolate
  • sumptuous olive
  • brule


I currently also have the Estee Lauder deluxe all over the eye palette which is my go to one, the colour range is very good because it goes too nudes to warm neutrals to darker colours aka the colours i don’t use. I believe this palette was actually limited edition for christmas 2013, but if it ever comes back i defiantly would recommend you buy it because it’s really good and perfect for travelling as you have all of the colours that you possibly need.


Then i have the Barry M palettes and if im honest i don’t really use that often as its more for dark smokey eyes and i don’t really wear that everyday. These will defiantly come in handy for special occasions.

However i would recommend you buy the eye shine as its limited edition and quite different because it has a glossy top coat that you put over the eyeshadow to give it a glossy effect, which i think is genius!


And to wrap it up i have my little clique quad which just has some pink eyeshadows, i don’t really use this because im not pink eye shadow wearer. However i see this coming handy for special occasions.

So those are my eyeshadow palletts! I love them all and thankful for having them!

Let me know what your favourite eyeshadow palettes are

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5 reasons to be HAPPY

Hello, happy Wednesday!

So as a girl who is the overworrryer i thought that i would 5 reasons to be happy!

This is hard blog post because im doing my exams and put this way i HATE school and hate the pressure that school put you under, and unfornalty this has resulted me to be quite negative towards some stuff.

The other day i with my family and we were all in the garden and everyone was laughing and having a good time, and then a little spark came across me why am i so worried and negative all the time there is more to life than that. It’s just temporary and stupid. I need to stop and get on with my life because life isnt always fair.

Anyway thinking about it more and more  in the next 6 years i could be in london where my heart is…hehe. so i put together 5 reason to be happy

  1. If you ever feel down and a bit blue about something then just look out the window and think its only temporary i can get help if i need it or i can get stronger and say FU*K you anxitey i want to be happy. And just smile.
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you happy this one is everyone tells me but really just make yourself happy with the people who make you happy, a smile at the end of day is better cosmetic that anyone can get.
  3.  Buy new clothes (that makes me happy)
  4. MONEY!!!! lol jks as much as money may be great don’t let it get too your head, maybe go out with friends or family its these little things can a make big difference knowing that someone loves you and cares about you is great.
  5. And last but not least just think that i have a house under my head a pillow to sleep on and food and think that life doesn’t have to be hard if you make it just make sure you are doing something that you love doing as a person.

At the end of the day its YOU that has to be happy and your life. Dont let anyone let you down or get teachers for example to put you in a crap mood, because whatever just do the work and get out of there is  what im going to be telling myself in 5 weeks.

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Blog Collab

Hello, today i will be doing a blog collab and its open to anyone!!

The collab will involve posting every other day for 2 weeks. Up 3 bloggers can join nt he collab, what i have decided on the theme is just to talk about what you enjoy and what you like as a blogger. we blog on the same days and have to links too each others posts. i think that this is will be a of good idea if your new and want to apart of the blogging community.

if you are interested then please tweet me or DM or email me ill be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Sorry for the short post and a day late, anyway hope you have good day.

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My bucket list

I just want to quickly warn you and say that i have a lot i want to do in my life some may happen and some may not but a girl can dream hey!

As a girl wo wants to go and live spontaneous life and do things i thought i would share with my bucket list of things of i want to do before i leave this planet!

  1. i want to live in London (its been my dream since i was 8)
  2. i want to stop over-worrying and start to become more happy about things without any negative thought
  3. i want to get married on beach
  4. go on road trip with friends all around America
  5. want to visit New Zealand
  6. really want to learn a new language
  7. go back to LA and New York
  8. i would love to meet some famous (i have seen people who are famous but i didn’t go up to them and the only person famous i have met was the prime minster wow)
  9. i want to see Sam Smith in concert he is the BEST
  10. meet Sam Smith
  11. i really want my own quote (idk)
  12. i want to spend some time in America for Halloween
  13. want to learn how to dance
  14. get better at facing my fears
  15. i really want to go on tv programme
  16. i want to learn how to control my dreams
  17. travel the world in 80 days
  18. i really want to go Ibiza
  19. i also want to go Venice
  20. want to go up into space (which will never happen)

So these are just SOME of the things i want to do before i die, i have got so much more i want to do but ill be here forever, so i think ill stop.

what’s on your bucket list?

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happy saturday!

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Bugdet Skincare

Hello, welcome to LittleMissChic happy friday!

With a wide variety of skin care out there on the market i still struggled to find the perfect products for me. Hunting down for the perfect cleanser is hard and when on a budget it makes life 10X complicated. But WAIT it doesn’t have to be as i have found some great products out there with a reasonable price. Yayyyyy!

The cleanser –  Balance me cleanser – £16


This cleanser is personally my favourite because it’s very hydrating and gives my skin a fresh look in morning and night, it also controls my ance, although my ance isn’t that bad ( hallelujah) it stills helps control and take of my skin. I have proof that my skin loves this because when i went on holiday and didn’t take the cleanser my skin didn’t feel as good as it normally would if i were to use this product ( damn).

Pricing at £16 which i think is fairly decent and its a good price especially if says what it does which my personal point it does work. However i know what money can feel like and i know that £16 can a bit much so there is also an alterative


Good old simple has our back again this i think is a good line for skin care retailing at incredible prices £1.46 ( WOW). I’ve used simple quite a lot and defiantly say its good for starting out as its very cheap, basic and well-known. This personally does leave my skin hydrated but the only thing it didn’t really leave my skin with a glow, which i guess is fine but still… hehe.

The exfoliater – Kiko cleansing scrub – £3.40


This product (OMG) can i just say that this product is sooo good and is actually does the job, it kills ead skin cells and makes your skin feel so hydrated i love it! i think you have to try it out in order to see what it is like

The toner – Lush tea tree toner – £7.50


This tea tree water is very good for ance! STOP wasting your money on those crappy wipes that prove to help spots and don’t. Tea tree is proven to help spots and as tree tea is antibacterial this product not only cleans it also makes you feel fresh. i think this product is worth a try.
The cream –  Nivea creme –  £2.99


Dont think you can go wrong with nivea, it’s that brand that everyone knows and everyone loves ( including me) hehe. so this cream is just your average cream, nourishing and good oh yeah. perfect amount to keep you going, i wouldn’t recommend it for travelling though as it’s a bit big, but i guess you could invest and buy the tube one.

 if you want to buy some of these products here are the links here:

      Let me know what your favourite skin care products are

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